Baker-Baker and a birthday ring…

Friday 24 February 2017. Also known as the day the second birthday celebrations began! Noah was Baker-Baker, so we decided to have his birthday ring at the same time. 

We kept the Paw Patrol theme for his birthday ring as well. But a little more low-key than the party, because budget! So we made rice krispy treats in the shape of dog bones and a shield, ala Paw Patrol! Because this “baking” involved some electricity, I enlisted the help of my sister. And my lovely friend, Leigh, has a friend who makes cookie cutters, and she made me cutters in the shape of a dog bone and a shield. Bonus! 

The birthday ring was so cute. Noah and his class friends all sang some of his favourite songs. And they couldn’t wait to get stuck into the treats! Noah’s cousin, Emily-May joined us in the celebrations, and couldn’t stop showering her cousin with kisses! 

Noah started school when he was about 17 months old. It has been amazing to watch him grow and learn with his friends. Teacher Maria and Sthoko (teachers assistant) love each child in the Ducklings class so much. I’m fortunate enough to work at the school, in the office, and I love walking past the Ducklings classroom, seeing them singing and dancing, painting handprints and footprints, and generally just having the most fun! Thank you, Maria and Sthoko, for loving our little prince so much! He is so lucky to have you as his first teachers! 

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Baker-Baker, take 2! 

So, 3 Fridays ago, my Noah was Baker-Baker again! I’m a bit delayed, I know….but life! 

For this Baker-Baker, my plan was to make little cars out of Boudoir biscuits. We had all the ingredients, Noah had his apron on, and we were set to begin baking (sans electricity of course – the safest way for me to bake). 

Noah decided his main (and only job) would be to “taste-test” all the smarties. This was a very important job, of course! In fact, it was such an important job, that he ate an entire box, which meant I ran out of smarties! Job well done, my boy!!

The racing cars may have been a flop, and I may have run out of ingredients, but my boy made the cutest Baker-Baker I’ve ever seen! And yes, I am completely bias. 

Because I work at his school, I was able to sit in on his Baker-Baker. He was so sweet! Every time he handed a class friend a treat, his teacher would prompt his friend to say, “Thank you Noah”. However, Noah would end up saying thank you to himself, on behalf of his friends. It was so cute! And then when he took the last treat for himself, he said thank you to himself as well! Ah, the love I have for my well-mannered child! 

Giving his buddy, Mitch, a treat!

I cannot wait for his next Baker-Baker, this coming Friday! It is going to double up as his birthday ring, and let’s just say, Paw Patrol isn’t just the theme for his birthday party! 

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Beast, meet the Baby Beast…

When we first got Noah, Jason saw a future rugby player. And since then, he has done everything he can, to make sure Noah knows and loves rugby, as much as dad does! I mean, we have a photo of Noah, at about 9/10 months old, sitting in his pram, holding a rugby ball and looking downright mean! Never mind the (then) current Sharks rugby jersey Jason insisted we by Noah for his first birthday…he had a more recent rugby jersey than his dad! 

Our then-one-year-old in his brand new rugby jersey!

So when I saw The Sharks advertise a family fun day towards the end of last year, I immediately arranged with Noah’s cousins and best buddy from school, for a play date. Long story short, the weather never played along, and it was postponed to this past weekend. The cousins weren’t able to make it, but best buddy Bono was, so we were set for a fun Saturday morning! 

I feel like now is the time to add in the part where Jason has been trying for months to pull every string he could, to set up a photo of Noah with the Beast, Tendai Mtawarira. The reason being, a lovely friend nicknamed Noah #BabyBeast when she saw that photo with the rugby ball I mentioned earlier! We saw an opportunity for a photo op, and we took it! Granted, Noah was having a bit of an off day, so when dad asked Tendai for a photo with Baby Beast, Noah was having none of it! Murphy’s law I tell you! Poor Jason tried for months, finally got his photo op moment, and all Noah would do was try climb out of Dad’s arms and get to mom! Nonetheless, we have the photo, it will be framed, and it will go up on a wall! 

The photo of the day! See what I mean about Noah?!

That all happened within half an hour of us being there. We still had a good few hours of running, playing and fun with Bono and his lovely mom and dad. And boy did we have fun…in between helping the 2 little boys dodge Sharkie and all the other mascots that were there. They were seriously not keen on those! We even had to set up a photo bomb moment with Sharkie, just to get him in a photo with Noah! 

Noah refused to smile, let alone look directly at the camera!

Noah and Bono had the best time running on the open grass, tackling Jason (literally) and “making” him fall to the ground, playing in the ball pit…all under the watchful eyes of both dad’s, while us mom’s relaxed on the grass! It was such a fun day, Noah was so exhausted he was asleep 2 minutes into our trip home! Thank you to The Sharks for organizing such an awesome family event. It is definitely something we will be going back to! 

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