Feed a child, feed a dream

When I look at my Noah, I see a little prince, with the whole world at his feet. Jason and I often talk about all the things he could possibly do with his life. We talk, we dream, we nurture, because we want him to be all that he can be. When I look at my Noah, I see a healthy, happy little boy. A little boy who loves adventure, and takes on life at full throttle.

I look at my Noah and I am so thankful that we are able to care for him and provide for him. I am so thankful that we are able to send him to school with a full tummy from breakfast, and with a lunch bag filled with food, for his next meal. How many children in South Africa go to school hungry, unsure when they will be able to eat their next meal? Too many; which is why Albany Bakeries is running a campaign to deliver 5 million meals to underprivileged school children across South Africa, in 2018.

Hunger, poor quality food and education continue to plague South Africa’s children. Recently, the Annual South African Child Gauge reported that about 53 children under the age of five die in South Africa every day — and three-quarters of them do not live to see their first birthday. Malnutrition doesn’t only threaten children’s survival, it undermines their ability to thrive and achieve their full potential. In 2018, Albany Bakeries is reaching out to citizens across the country to join hands in making a difference.


As a mom, I am so excited about this campaign. I am behind any initiative that will help feed under privileged children in our beautiful country. We have the power to help make a difference in the lives of children who so desperately need it. Let’s be the village. Let’s all do our part to help feed 5 million children in Mzansi this year. Here is how you can get involved:

Mzansi has the ability to help hungry children achieve their dreams, but it all starts with a nutritional meal to help them concentrate at school.  For every loaf of Albany Superior and Everyday bread purchased during the campaign at SPAR, Shoprite Checkers, Pick n Pay and spaza shops, a child in need will be fed and given a fresh and healthy start. Added to this, consumers stand a chance to help a school win R10 000 in cash towards a nutritional and/or feeding scheme. In total 50 schools across South Africa will benefit from Albany Bakeries generosity.

With malnutrition a major underlying cause of death in 64% of South Africa’s children under the age of five, as reported by Unicef South Africa, food and nutrition are an essential element in the prevention of this growing epidemic. Bread is a staple food that provides carbohydrates, the energy provider that both fills a child’s stomach and keeps them fuelled for longer. Filled with nutritious benefits and fortified with vitamins and minerals, bread prevents energy ‘highs and lows’ and sustains energy for much longer.

Go ahead and buy a loaf of bread. Help Albany Bakeries feed 5 million children. It’s really that simple. You can change a life by buying a loaf.

Every time I look at my Noah, and send him to school with his packed lunch bag and full tummy, I am reminded of the children who don’t have a full tummy. I will buy their bread. Will you?


This is not goodbye…

If you had said to me, just a few years ago, that today we would be in our last week here in Durban, I would have laughed at you. I would have laughed harder, if you had said we would be moving back to Cape Town. Yet here we are! These last couple of weeks have been very bittersweet. We’re so sad to leave, but at the same time, we’re so excited to go, and start this exciting new adventure! 

This week we say goodbye to our beloved Durban. We say goodbye to the city we thought we’d live in forever. We say good bye to the home where we really grew up spiritually, as a couple and as individuals. We’ve walked a long road over the last 7-odd years we’ve lived here. Sometimes the road has been really difficult. Sometimes it’s been wining, and trying and testing. But we’ve held on. Sometimes the road has been fun and exciting. We’ve embraced every moment in this beautiful city, we’ve tried to experience it in it’s fullest – from walks on the promenade with our pup, markets, seeing the beautiful views from the Sky Car at Moses Mabhida, fun at uShaka Marine World and Mini Town (a Durban classic), Boxing Day test matches, and possibly our most favourite thing to do in Durban – going to watch The Sharks play rugby at Kings Park. These are just some of the things we are going to miss. 

As for the people…well we have met some gems over the years! People who are friends forever, friends who are more like family, than just friends. We have met people who have been there for us through tough times. People who have stood next to us, holding us up, praying for us. We’ve met people who have celebrated the big things and the small things with us. People who have been excited for us, supported us and loved us. This is what we are going to miss most about this city – all the beautiful people we have met. You all know who you are. Thank you for your influence over our lives. Thank you for the special way each of you have impacted each of our lives. Thank you for loving us the way you have, for embracing us and supporting us and praying for us. We will miss you all! 

When we first moved here, we didn’t know why exactly we had to be here. We just knew we had to. We knew this is where God wanted us to be. So we came. And when we came, we thought we’d put down roots here, start a family, grow old and retire here. Now we see that Durban was just a season for us – a chapter in our book. A chapter we will cherish forever, because it was during this chapter, that 2 became 3. Meeting Noah, becoming his adoptive mom and dad has, by far, been the biggest highlight of our time in Durban. It has been our greatest joy and our greatest learning curve navigating not just parenthood, but adoptive parenthood. It is a journey we have embraced, and loved most about being here. 

As we plan to leave this week, we leave a piece of our hearts here. We will forever cherish this beautiful city, it holds so much more good than bad. Thank you, Durban, for what you have been and meant to our little family. We love this city! And we will be back! 
*Feature image taken by the amazing Craig Mannheim from Unprecedented Pictures

Lessons from 2 years of being “Mommy”

Today, 25 September 2017, is exactly 2 years since I became a mom. It has been 2 years filled with love, joy, adventure and fun.

One of the things I have learnt in the past 2 years is thatI may not always have time for everything I want to do. But that’s ok, because I always have time for my little prince, all the while learning make some time for me. I’ve learnt this, because it’s been a while since I blogged. But I have constantly been thinking of things I’d like to say, questions I’d like to ask and stories I’d like to share, right here in my little corner of the web. I’d love to get into a proper routine, where I have the time and energy to focus on things like my blog. And I’m working on this routine. But it will never take priority ove my time with my Noah!

I’ve learnt that if he falls and doesn’t cry, he’s alright! No need to panic, no matter how much I may be freaking out inside.

I’ve learnt to speak toddler. Well, actually, I’ve learnt to speak “My Toddler”. Some words I’ve learnt include: weeties, motto sauce, bisbit (biscuit), Lightning A Keen, tuck (stuck – although he used to replace the st sound with a k 😳), ampoline, tooting and oosh (when throwing a playful punch at dad). And these are just the words I can remember off the top of my head!

I’ve learnt that if he doesn’t eat his daily portion of fresh fruit and veg, that’s ok. If the most nutritious thing he has eaten all day is one cup of yoghurt, it’s alright. Simply because, tomorrow the wind may blow in the right direction, and he will virtually inhale all the fruit and veg I put in front of him.

ve learnt to pick my battles. Sometimes, he will stay up later than usual, watching cartoons. Some days we skip bath time. Sometimes, he'll just get the sweet. And it's purely because mom and dad do not have the energy for the fight. We accept that. And we move on.

I'm constantly learning how to handle tantrums. I've learnt how to identify just a normal tantrum, or if the meltdown is something deeper. I've also learnt what works best for us when handling a tantrum. As much as I don't like to see my child crying, I know that while in the throws of a tantrum, it's ok to let him cry for a bit. But I also know when it's time to cuddle and love and talk through the feelings of the moment.

I’ve learnt how to play with cars, trains and planes and super hero figurines. I’ve learnt how to wrestle.

The most important thing I have learnt over the last 2 years though, is that the bond between a mother and her child runs deep, and is a forever bond. The love between Noah and I is pure and deep and beautiful. I cherish my son. I love everything about him. And I love adoption. I am so thankful for adoption, because God gave me Noah through it.

What lessons ha motherhood taught you?<