Moms supporting moms this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is this Sunday – four more sleeps! This will be my third Mother’s Day as a mom, and I cannot wait!

Motherhood has been one of the most exciting, scary, busy, up and down journeys I have ever been on. I love the fact that there is a little boy in this world who calls me ‘Mommy’. When he is hurt or sick, he comes to me for comfort. When he is excited, he comes to me for happy loves. When he needs something, he calls for me to come and help him.

Being ‘Mommy’ has been a roller coaster of good days and bad day. Days (especially in the beginning) where I felt accomplished when Noah was changed out of his pj’s and fed…never-mind a tidy house and clean Mom! There were other days where everything just went right, and I even managed to straighten my hair and put on some make up. I loved those days!

Through all the good days and the bad days, I was always so thankful for our village around us. There were (and still are, even though Noah is older now) ladies, fellow moms, around me, who helped me out on the bad days, offered advice and tips, and celebrated with me on the good days. I counted on these ladies, and still do!

There is something so special about mom’s who support other moms. I found comfort in knowing that there were ladies, both family and friends, who understood what I was going through. They understood the struggles. They had been there and done that. We all need help and support at one point or another. And when moms come together and support each other, wonderful things happen.

Enter Embrace. Embrace is an NGO based in Cape Town.

If you’re a mother or a mother-supporter, you’re part of the ‘us’. We’re reclaiming our village and giving every new mother a voice, a community and a network of possibilities.

Embrace is a national movement for connected, supported and celebrated motherhood. We want to see every new mother embraced and flourishing from the start of her motherhood journey, understanding that an empowered and embraced mother raises a thriving child.

One of the ways that Embrace works to empower moms, is through their Mother’s Day Connect initiative. Basically, there are teams of ladies, across the country, all going to spend one hour this Mother’s Day at their local government hospital maternity ward. It is “Moms supporting moms” put into action.

Last year I joined a team of ladies, lead by the lovely Sade from Disney Mom Blog, and we visited Addington Hospital. It was such an incredible time of moms coming together to wish the new moms a happy Mother’s Day.

This year, a team of ladies and I are going to be visiting False Bay Hospital. I’m so looking forward to visiting with the new moms on Sunday. It’s so rewarding taking time out of your Mother’s Day, to go and visit new moms, give them some gifts, both for them and their babies, and just love on them.

There are still some spots available at hospitals across the country. You can sign up, and RSVP to the hospital of your choice, by clicking on this link.

You can join the Facebook event here.

You can join the Embrace Facebook page here.

It will be one hour well spent this Mother’s Day!


A lesson from my 3-year-old

As parents, there are a lot of things we have taught our Noah over the years. We’ve taught him to sit, crawl and walk. We’ve taught him to feed himself. We’ve recently been teaching him how to brush his own teeth, and potty training – well, we nailed that lesson at last!

We’ve also taught him to say please and thank you, I love you, hello and goodbye. One of the best things we have taught him, is how to pray – not just at meal times, but also at bedtime, or when someone is hurt or sick or even if you just want to pray for someone who is on your mind. We’re constantly teaching him more about who Jesus is, and why we love Him so much and have Him in our lives.

We’ve taught him a lot over the years, and naturally will continue to teach him things, as the years go on. Oh, the privilege of parenting!

Then there are the days when the tables are turned, and I learn a lesson, or get reminded of a simple fact of life, from my Noah. That happened about two weeks ago, on my birthday! We were at the airport, getting ready to say good bye to Daddy, get on a plane and fly to Jo’burg. And boy, did we have one excited little boy, just bursting to go and fly on an actual airplane! Cue lesson number one – get excited about life, and anything it may send your way. Just get excited!

             The first photo is the day we went to JHB. The second photo is the day we came back to CT. I just realized we were dressed rather similarly for both trips! 

Lesson number one was reinforced by lesson number two – experience new things as often as you can. And be excited about it! I learnt this, by watching my son ride on an escalator for the first time. He has always been carried on an escalator, but on this day at the airport, he actually stepped onto it, holding his Dad’s hand, and stood on it, as it took them all the way to the top. He tried something new, and he was excited about it. He loved it so much, it’s all he wanted to do until we got onto our plane!

I wish I could have adequately captured the joy and wonder on my boy’s face at the airport that day; the pride of doing something new, albeit something as simple as stepping onto an escalator, and then stepping into an airplane. It was such a beautiful reminder to find joy and wonder in life. And to get excited about this beautiful life we live!

Thank you for teaching me this on my birthday, my sweet boy!

What lessons have you learnt recently from your children? I’d love to hear from you!

Tell me a story…

Jason and I have always been avid readers. I remember learning to read “Sally Books” (at least, that’s what we called them. I’m not actually sure what the collection of books is called). They were a series of books all about Sally and her family and all the adventures they went on and things they did. I loved those books. I remember reading them over and over again. And so my love for reading grew!

A few years ago we were at a shopping center in Durban, browsing a random, trinkety-type shop, and by chance I came across seven Sally Books! I was so excited – all my memories of reading those books came flooding back, and I spent our last R70 buying them. This was a good few years before we even thought of kids, but I was so excited to have these books to read to my children one day.

Story Time!

Now that we have Noah, we have made reading a priority from day one. From baby days we have read story books and Bible stories to him at bedtime. We have always chosen at least two to three stories to read at a time, even when he was too little to really understand what he was listening to. It’s been important to us that we teach him from a young age what books are, how you use them, how to look after them and that reading is fun!

And it seems to be paying off! We’ve always kept his books easily accessible for him, and so as soon as he became mobile, he would wriggle on over to his books, choose one, and start reading it to himself. And now that he is older, he will either get a book on his own, or ask us to pass him a specific book – these days, all he wants to read on his own are his Thomas and Friends books, especially the one about Arthur!

Normally, Noah and I read at least four stories before bed. I usually do story time, but there are days when Noah has really missed time with his dad, and o those days, Daddy does bedtime story time!

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Noah really seems to love this time. He’ll lie in his toddler bed, drink his “green tea”, aka Milo, and I’ll sit on the floor next to his bed and read to him. Our four books consist of a Thomas and Friends book, a Bible story, a story book from his little library and a lullaby book (we have two, which we alternate).

We are always on the lookout for awesome kids story books to get for Noah, as you can’t go wrong with investing in a good book, in our opinion! Please share any books your children love to read in the comments below. I’ll be sharing our favorite books in a few posts, over the next few weeks!