Baker-Baker and a birthday ring…

Friday 24 February 2017. Also known as the day the second birthday celebrations began! Noah was Baker-Baker, so we decided to have his birthday ring at the same time. 

We kept the Paw Patrol theme for his birthday ring as well. But a little more low-key than the party, because budget! So we made rice krispy treats in the shape of dog bones and a shield, ala Paw Patrol! Because this “baking” involved some electricity, I enlisted the help of my sister. And my lovely friend, Leigh, has a friend who makes cookie cutters, and she made me cutters in the shape of a dog bone and a shield. Bonus! 

The birthday ring was so cute. Noah and his class friends all sang some of his favourite songs. And they couldn’t wait to get stuck into the treats! Noah’s cousin, Emily-May joined us in the celebrations, and couldn’t stop showering her cousin with kisses! 

Noah started school when he was about 17 months old. It has been amazing to watch him grow and learn with his friends. Teacher Maria and Sthoko (teachers assistant) love each child in the Ducklings class so much. I’m fortunate enough to work at the school, in the office, and I love walking past the Ducklings classroom, seeing them singing and dancing, painting handprints and footprints, and generally just having the most fun! Thank you, Maria and Sthoko, for loving our little prince so much! He is so lucky to have you as his first teachers! 

You can read about previous Baker-Baker’s here and here.

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