Beast, meet the Baby Beast…

When we first got Noah, Jason saw a future rugby player. And since then, he has done everything he can, to make sure Noah knows and loves rugby, as much as dad does! I mean, we have a photo of Noah, at about 9/10 months old, sitting in his pram, holding a rugby ball and looking downright mean! Never mind the (then) current Sharks rugby jersey Jason insisted we by Noah for his first birthday…he had a more recent rugby jersey than his dad! 

Our then-one-year-old in his brand new rugby jersey!

So when I saw The Sharks advertise a family fun day towards the end of last year, I immediately arranged with Noah’s cousins and best buddy from school, for a play date. Long story short, the weather never played along, and it was postponed to this past weekend. The cousins weren’t able to make it, but best buddy Bono was, so we were set for a fun Saturday morning! 

I feel like now is the time to add in the part where Jason has been trying for months to pull every string he could, to set up a photo of Noah with the Beast, Tendai Mtawarira. The reason being, a lovely friend nicknamed Noah #BabyBeast when she saw that photo with the rugby ball I mentioned earlier! We saw an opportunity for a photo op, and we took it! Granted, Noah was having a bit of an off day, so when dad asked Tendai for a photo with Baby Beast, Noah was having none of it! Murphy’s law I tell you! Poor Jason tried for months, finally got his photo op moment, and all Noah would do was try climb out of Dad’s arms and get to mom! Nonetheless, we have the photo, it will be framed, and it will go up on a wall! 

The photo of the day! See what I mean about Noah?!

That all happened within half an hour of us being there. We still had a good few hours of running, playing and fun with Bono and his lovely mom and dad. And boy did we have fun…in between helping the 2 little boys dodge Sharkie and all the other mascots that were there. They were seriously not keen on those! We even had to set up a photo bomb moment with Sharkie, just to get him in a photo with Noah! 

Noah refused to smile, let alone look directly at the camera!

Noah and Bono had the best time running on the open grass, tackling Jason (literally) and “making” him fall to the ground, playing in the ball pit…all under the watchful eyes of both dad’s, while us mom’s relaxed on the grass! It was such a fun day, Noah was so exhausted he was asleep 2 minutes into our trip home! Thank you to The Sharks for organizing such an awesome family event. It is definitely something we will be going back to! 

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Hello 2017!

Here we are. Seven days into 2017. It’s been a full, busy, sometimes relaxing, sometimes really hard seven days. 

2016 seemed to be a really hard year for a lot of people I know. For us, it was just a year in our life – a year of changes, ups, downs, and most importantly a year of watching our baby boy grow and develop into the most energetic toddler we know and love! 

I’m excited for 2017. I’m excited to see what God has in store for us as a family, as well as for me personally. 

We have a some possible, BIG changes that may or may not happen. Our attitude is, whatever is meant to be will be. If the changes happen, we are up for the adventure! But if not, we’re excited about the adventure where we are. 

I’m excited about focusing more on my marriage. We’ve had our fair share of ups and downs recently, and we have both promised to focus more on “Us”, and making each other more of a priority. One way in which we are trying to do this, is to have “At Home Date Nights” on a Friday night. Once Noah has been bathed and put to sleep, we have a movie night, where we take turns choosing a movie to watch, eating treats and cuddling on the couch. We are trying to make it a priority- that is what Friday nights are for us – one night in the week that is ours. And we love it. It’s a sacred time. It’s a special time. It is our time! 

I’m excited about having an almost 2-year old little boy who calls us mommy and daddy. Im excited and expectant about receiving that all important letter this year, stating that in the eyes of the South African government he is ours, as if we birthed him. I’m excited to watch him grow and develop into the little man God has created him to be. I’m excited to watch him develop at school – he’s already a genius in my (un)biased opinion…I mean, he can already count to 10, if you listen really carefully!! 

I’m excited about my job. It’s been a really long time since I’ve been able to say that. In fact, if I’m completely honest, the only other time I was able to say that was when I worked for Kids Labels in Cape Town. I’ve finally found a job since then, that makes me excited, for a whole host of reasons, namely…

  1. I get to watch Noah learn and play at the same school I work at. 
  2. Jason is right upstairs, at his job
  3. I get to share an office with my sister, Judy. 
  4. We have an awesome team of ladies on staff, all working together to impact the precious little lives entrusted to us. 

I’m excited about focusing on my relationship with Jesus, and making that more of a priority. Sadly, I have let this slide of late, and I really want to change that. For me, that means being intentional about spending time with Him, reading my Bible and praying. Feel free to hold me accountable! 

I’m excited that my parents are moving a little closer to us all. They were in Cape Town, but are moving to Jo’burg this month! It’s going to be wonderful to have them closer to us all…we can go there for a quick weekend trip, they can come here for a quick weekend trip…basically more family time, which I love! 

I’m excited about my blog, and getting more into it. I don’t blog often, but when I do I always find it so therapeutic. I love typing my thoughts and experiences and sharing them with all of you. 

I’m just excited about 2017, and all the potential adventures and challenges. I’m choosing to make the most of 2017, no matter the curveballs that come my way. I’m choosing to see the light at the end of some tunnels, I’m choosing life, I’m choosing love. 

Happy New Year! 

How are you feeling about 2017?