Dear Noah (part 2 of 2)

Dear Noah,

366. That is the exact number of days that I have known and loved you. Today is the one year anniversary of meeting you. One whole year! Wow! 

366 days ago, my eyes locked with yours for the first time. 366 days ago, I fell in love with a beautiful baby boy, who immediately had my whole heart. 366 days ago, I became your mom. 

What an adventure we have had so far. Being your mom, is by far, the best role I have ever had! We have had our ups and downs. Our good times. Our not-so-good times. You make me laugh on a daily basis. You fill me with so much joy. 

I love hearing you excitedly say “Mommy!” when I walk into the room. I love your hugs you give me, every time I ask for one. I love how every time I ask you for a kiss you immediately give me your forehead for kisses. I love when it is time to lala, and you want kisses, you will hold my face and repeatedly put your forehead against my lips for kisses from mommy. I love how excited you are when you wake up. Every time – you wake up with a big smile on your face. I love how brave you are. And I love how fearless you are – even when it makes me feel all of the fear! 

I love your sense of adventure – the way you explore a new environment, the way you play, the way you have fun. I love the way you move around on the jungle gyms at school, fearless, brave, as if you can conquer the world. Never lose that, my boy. I love how you know what you want. You will shake your head and say no, all while having the cutest smile on your face. 

Your smile…lets talk about that now! Your smile can light up any room, any grey day. When you smile, your whole little face lights up. And when you smile at me, my entire world lights up too. I pray I get to see that smile every day for as long as I live! It is my favourite thing to see! 

I love how you’re starting to copy everything we say. I love that you know where I keep the biscuits, and when you want one, you will point at the cupboard, and say “bis-bit pease” so beautifully. And with your speaking, comes your singing! I love how you sing in the car, even when there is no music. All daddy and I hear is your beautiful song! I love how musical you are. You love to dance, you love to “play the drums”, you sing the Barney song and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star so beautifully! 

I love how you love your Bible! Whether it’s reading your Bible, or watching a Bible Adventure, your excitement at the prospect of either one, makes my heart so happy! I pray that you never lose this excitement for your Bible. I pray that you never lose this excitement for Jesus. I pray that you will grow into a strong man of God, unashamed of the Gospel. 

My boy, to end off, here are some things I want you to know:

  1. You were planned for, wanted and loved before mommy and daddy met you.
  2. We will be eternally grateful to Uncle Skip and Aunty Sheila Collins, and their lovely team at the La Lucia Baby House, for taking such good care of you, and loving you so much, until we could meet you and bring you to your forever home.
  3. You are an integral part of our family – irreplaceable in every sense. 
  4. Whatever your dreams, whatever your hopes, you are our treasure, and we will love and support whatever you feel God’s plan is for your life. 
  5. No matter how old you get, or how big you are, you will always be Mommy’s Boy – and I reserve the right to hug and kiss you even when you don’t want to be hugged or kissed…I’m that momma bear, and I am proud of it, because I am proud of you! 
  6. Daddy and I love you unconditionally, and we will do our best to give you the life you deserve. 

I love you, my little prince, and I’m so thankful God chose me to be your heart mommy. It is a true honor and privilege to call you my son. 

I love you, 


Mommy xxx 

P.s. I know there are usually 365 days in a year,  but 2016 is a leap year, so that’s why it’s 366 days! 

Our first official family photo!

Dear Noah (part 1 of 2)

Dear Noah, 

Today, one year ago, I woke up in the morning, and the first thought I had was “I wonder how my Noah is doing this morning?” You see, my boy, it was just the day before, Friday 18 September 2015, when I got the call to say that there was an almost 7 month old baby boy, waiting to meet daddy and I. You were waiting to meet us. 

My baby boy, the moment I got that call, I knew I was in love with you. I knew you were exactly who daddy and I were hoping and praying for. Daddy and I couldn’t wait to meet you! We couldn’t believe we had to wait an entire week, before we could see you for the first time, hold you, kiss you, love you. Believe me when I say that it was equally the most exciting, and the loooongest week of our lives! Each day took forever to get us closer to you. 

This is how we celebrated you, the night we got the call!

Daddy and I spent this week imagining what you looked like, how many rolls you had (if you had any 😉), what size clothes you wore, what features made you uniquely you. Dreaming about you, and wondering about all these things helped time to pass quickly. Thank goodness! 

I will never forget the feelings I felt during this week, last year. I will never forget the excitement, the anticipation, the joy. I will never forget it, because all those feeelings led me to you – my beautiful little prince, who I love unconditionally! This week last year, will always be one of my best weeks ever, because it was the final countdown to you. You were already bringing so much joy to mine and daddy’s lives, and we hadn’t even met you yet. 

Mommy and Daddy, waiting excitedly for the week to oass, so we could meet you!

We couldn’t wait until it was Friday 25 September 2015. We couldn’t wait to see you for the first time, cuddle you, play with you. We already loved you, long before we met you! And we couldn’t wait for our adventure to begin, as a family of 3! 

I love you, baby boy!


Mommy xx 

Mama Magic 2016

Last weekend (26 – 28 August) was Durban’s turn to host the Mama Magic Baby Expo. While we didn’t do the Barney show when we attended in 2015 (no baby yet), Jason did take Noah to the Barney show this year, and boy did my Noah love it! While father and son were being entertained by Barney, I had the opportunity to browse the stands at my own pace and see all the awesome products on show. 

While browsing, I was struck by how different the show was for us this year, compared to last year. Last year, we went to find out more about all the various baby products, toys, furniture etc. However, at that stage, we knew there was a baby on the way, but we had no clue about the age, gender or size of our baby. It made for interesting browsing and shopping! This year, however, we had our baby. He came with us. Only, he’s not a baby anymore. He is now a very active little toddler. It was actually quite refreshing to go to the show with a different perspective, a different need. This year we were looking at toddler toys, jungle gyms, “big boy” beds etc. Everything a little boy either needs or would have fun with. 

To make sure we didn’t overspend on all the awesome deals, we went in with a game plan. There were only two brands we had to find, and buy from. Everything else, we would look at, get pamphlets, and consider purchasing at a later stage. It was a helpful game plan. And we stuck to it for the most part! 

We definitely wanted to get to the Pure Beginnings stand and make the most of the show specials. It is the only brand of products that has cleared Noah’s exzema and kept it away, as well as kept his severe nappy rashes away. We use it exclusively with Noah…nothing else goes near his soft skin! 

With Noah’s health issues and him being at school, we needed to get him onto an excellent vitamin, that would help keep his immune system strong. My sister recommended Zinplex, and we tried it.. Noah loves it! It is sugar free, and cream soda flavoured – a win, win situation! Our paediatrician also confirmed that it is an excellent vitamin for children, as it is one of the very few that is scientifically proven to work. So we give our Noah 10ml a day – 5ml in the morning, and 5ml at night. One of the first stands we saw was the Zinplex stand, and I made sure I capitalized on their show specials too!

Yookidoo (see featured image) make awesome bath toys. Jason came across them online, and we’ve had our eye on a few of their toys for a while. They had a stand, and Noah and Jason loved seeing their demo toys in action! Of course, we walked away with the “Stack n Spray” Tub Fountain, and Noah loves it! He wants to play with it in the bath every night, and knows just how to stack the ships and change the minions! 

While browsing, I came across some awesome products, I knew Noah would love. Some of my favourites include Furniture Express, who make amazing cots and beds. We will definitely keep them in mind when the time comes to look for a “big boy” bed for Noah! 

Jason and I are both avid readers, and it’s important to us both that Noah develops a love for reading. So when I came across the Disney Book Club stand, I could not walk past without making a small purchase and finding out more information! They were selling “The Lion King” for an insanely reduced price, and when you bought the book, you got an application for your child to join the book club. When they join, they get 2 Disney books delivered to them every month. The first month they join, they also get an awesome Disney backpack. We will definitely be signing Noah up for this! 

My child is a climber. He climbs everything. At home he climbs his cot and his feeding chair, pushes buckets and chairs around to climb on so he can reach the counters. Every time I see him on the playground at school, he is maneuvering around the jungle gym like an expert, with no assistance! So when I saw the KidZplay range of jungle gyms, I had to find out more! They have an amazing range of jungle gyms for little ones from 9 months old, right up to 9 years old. And you can either rent them, or buy them. I’d love to invest in one of these for Noah’s climbing habit!


I only recently heard about Pedia Sure, and I was intrigued by their stand at the show. It was interesting to discover they had a recipe book, so I can make meals for Noah and use Pedia Sure Complete to add flavour and nutrients to the meal. It can also be used as a milkshake for Noah to drink. I am looking forward to trying it out with my little fuss-pot! You van find Pedia Sure South Africa on Facebook, here

These were just a few of my favourite finds from the Mama Magic show this year. Have you attended any shows around the country, this year? What were some of your favourite finds? 

*This is not a sponsored post

*All photos are my own