Helping hands…

We finally got around to completing our marriage assessment last Thursday…phew! What a relief! We were quite nervous about it, simply because we didn’t know what to expect. What type of questions will they ask us? If we answer just one question differently to each other, will that mean we are incompatible? Who knows?! Luckily for us, we were stressing for nothing. We both flew through the assessment and are eagerly awaiting the analysed results! Our next (and hopefully final) interview is scheduled for 9 July…eeeek! How are we already nearing the end of the approval process already? It’s the best kind of overwhelmingly excited feeling ever! 

As we move along with our plans, we’re also starting to slowly prepare things at home. I’m starting to slowly but surely clean out, clear out, sort through and make space for all things baby! I’m starting to think of decor ideas for our baby, that I can prepare for now, and we’re praying into the colour(s) we should use for our baby’s nursery area. {The importance of the colour of our baby’s nursery is something I’ve been playing around with in my head and my heart, quite a lot lately…but that’s a whole other blog post!}

I’ve also been thinking on a more practical level. What are the arguments, for and against, disposable nappies vs. cloth nappies? What are the best baby products, with the least amount of chemicals, most natural, that I can use on my baby? 

As for baby food…I am no Gordon Ramsey protege…just ask my husband! But I don’t want to feed my baby store bought, processed food. I want to feed my baby fresh, healthy food, made with love at home, by Mommy! So how do I do that? Where are the best baby food recipes, simple and easy for non-chefs like me? 

So here is my request…especially for all you mommy-friends…if you follow any mommy-blogs, and you think they could really help me; guide me; teach me new things, please may you comment with the link to the blog. I’d really appreciate it! 

I’m even willing to learn how to make more than just delicious baby food…including baby toiletries etc. So, if you have any links, Instagram accounts, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds etc. that I could peruse, please send them my way! My goal is to be as prepared as possible for our baby! 

Thank you, friends! 


Baby prep!

“We’re having a baby!”

“Awesome! Congratulations! When are you due? Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl yet?”


So, we haven’t had any actual conversations like this. But, it is pretty accurate when it comes to baby prep. You see, we ticked any race and any gender on our adoption forms. And even though in my dream I was holding a baby girl named Hope, we’re still open to the possibility of bringing home a baby boy named Noah. 

And we are so super excited about our baby! But here’s the difficult part…because we don’t know how old our baby will be, or if it will be a boy or a girl, it makes baby prep a little tougher! And not having a ‘due date’ to work with, makes things a little trickier! 

When I go to the shops now, and see the prettiest little dress, or the coolest little “cool dude” outfit, it takes every bit of self restraint I can muster, to NOT buy it.  Because I just don’t know.  And then I think, well, I could go for the neutral colours, yellow, green, grey etc. But what age do I buy? I don’t know. 

Plus, we’re just a few weeks away from being approved as adoptive parents…and then the real waiting game begins! Literally, only our God knows exactly how long we will wait until we get that call that there is a baby for us. And only He knows how long it will take, from the day we get that call, until the day we can bring our baby home.  It could be weeks and days. It could be months and days. Our God only knows. 

After we had told all our family and friends, had our orientation, and had begun going through all the forms, my darling mom phoned Jason, and politely reminded him to let her know asap, the gender and age of our baby, so Ouma and Oupa could prepare….we had just started going through the forms! Excited much? 😉 The excitement of those closest to us has been so amazingly overwhelming! Everyone is excited, with us! And everyone is eager to know the age and gender of our baby! 


We haven’t had a microwave for almost a year. Ours broke, and we just haven’t had the budget to get a new one. Soon after we had our orientation, we had the budget for a new microwave. So we went shopping. And we had so much fun. You see, we were going for a smaller microwave, when suddenly I remembered we would potentially need to get a bottle sterilizer. Which obviously needed to fit in our new microwave. It was so much fun, going to get a bottle sterilizer off the shelf, and testing it in all the various size microwaves! Of course, Jason also needed to make sure his popcorn maker fitted into our new microwave too! Priorities, of course! 


My mom and my gran, washing, cleaning and sorting out. baby stuff!
Teddy’s, drying on the line, after being washed!
A few weeks ago, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, my dad sent me these 2 photos over what’s app. My sweet mom and gran had pulled out all the baby paraphernalia collected over the years, from both my sisters having babies. And they were on a mission to clean, fix and sort out! There is also a beautiful cot they have for us, and the sent the pram in for a service…who knew prams could be serviced?! We didn’t! 
My lovely sister-in-law, Candice sent me these photos on what’s app a couple of weeks ago…Candice is hoping for a girl clearly! She knows how much I love owls! How cute are the baby owl book ends, hooks for the wall and the owl photo frame? Love love love! 

I cant wait to introduce my baby to the wonderful world of books! {photo found on Instagram – @owl_about_owls}

Baby prep may be slightly tricky, in certain aspects, but that is not going to stop us! We are going to collect what we can for now, toiletries, toys, books etc. Knowing our family and friends are as excited, and sending photos and prepping with us, makes it that much better! 
We will continue to patiently wait for the day we get that call, as we continue to prepare for our Little One!
{The photo of the cot was found on Pinterest}

{The photo of the microwave, mom and gran, teddy’s hanging on the line and What’s App conversation are my own}

{If you would like to use any of the photos, please check with me first!} 

Only, just a dream…


We were standing in an unfamiliar place. Looking around, it appeared to be a harbour of sorts. But not a harbour where big, fancy cruise liners dock…or any beautiful yachts. This seemed like a more industrial section of a harbour. With huge red and green containers. Some containers were loaded on cargo ships. Other containers were stacked in rows of varying heights, either waiting to be loaded onto ships, or have their contents emptied. It seemed like a busy place…a lot of hustle and bustle. 

Yet, for some reason, it felt like we were almost invisible. Every person, every machine, seemed to be moving around us, magically missing us, and no one seemed to take any notice of us. I remember the smell of salty-dirty-fishy water. I remember a cool, gentle breeze blowing. I remember hearing birds flying over our heads, and in the distance. I remember the sun was shining. And I remember that I knew, without a shadow of doubt in my mind, that I needed to protect her. It was my job. 

I knew the tiny baby I was holding in my arms, holding so tightly to my chest, was MY baby. Mine. I knew her name was Hope. And I knew she was mine. Yet she didn’t look like me. Not at all. From her skin tone to her hair…she didn’t have my nose, or my eyes, or my mouth. Did this matter to me? No. She was still my Hope, and as her mother, it was my job to keep her safe and well looked after. I love her so much, how can I not? Standing in that harbour, on that particular day, I knew all of this to be true. 

I don’t remember the exact date. But I do remember that it was sometime in 2012 that I had this very dream. I remember sitting on “our” couch in the Holmes’ lounge, when I first told Jason, and our very best friend, Cindy about this dream. And I remember Jason was…intrigued, to say the least. But we’re not big on finding the hidden meaning to a dream. When it comes to dreams like this, we prefer to “put them on the shelf”, remember them, and wait and see what happens. 

Since then, whenever we have spoken about the adoption, we’ve spoken about “Hope”. Does this mean we firmly believe we will be adopting a baby girl? No! Did we only tick the box next to girl, and leave the boy box empty? No! In fact, as we were filling out the forms, we both really felt like God was telling us, “tick any race, any gender. And see what I’m going to do!” So that’s what we did! 

We’re so excited to meet either Hope or Noah! And for us this dream was a confirmation that we will adopt. It will happen. And the adoption will be a fulfillment of what we have hoped for, for so long…a baby to call “ours”! 

{Photos taken from Pinterest}