Lessons from 2 years of being “Mommy”

Today, 25 September 2017, is exactly 2 years since I became a mom. It has been 2 years filled with love, joy, adventure and fun.

One of the things I have learnt in the past 2 years is thatI may not always have time for everything I want to do. But that’s ok, because I always have time for my little prince, all the while learning make some time for me. I’ve learnt this, because it’s been a while since I blogged. But I have constantly been thinking of things I’d like to say, questions I’d like to ask and stories I’d like to share, right here in my little corner of the web. I’d love to get into a proper routine, where I have the time and energy to focus on things like my blog. And I’m working on this routine. But it will never take priority ove my time with my Noah!

I’ve learnt that if he falls and doesn’t cry, he’s alright! No need to panic, no matter how much I may be freaking out inside.

I’ve learnt to speak toddler. Well, actually, I’ve learnt to speak “My Toddler”. Some words I’ve learnt include: weeties, motto sauce, bisbit (biscuit), Lightning A Keen, tuck (stuck – although he used to replace the st sound with a k 😳), ampoline, tooting and oosh (when throwing a playful punch at dad). And these are just the words I can remember off the top of my head!

I’ve learnt that if he doesn’t eat his daily portion of fresh fruit and veg, that’s ok. If the most nutritious thing he has eaten all day is one cup of yoghurt, it’s alright. Simply because, tomorrow the wind may blow in the right direction, and he will virtually inhale all the fruit and veg I put in front of him.

ve learnt to pick my battles. Sometimes, he will stay up later than usual, watching cartoons. Some days we skip bath time. Sometimes, he'll just get the sweet. And it's purely because mom and dad do not have the energy for the fight. We accept that. And we move on.

I'm constantly learning how to handle tantrums. I've learnt how to identify just a normal tantrum, or if the meltdown is something deeper. I've also learnt what works best for us when handling a tantrum. As much as I don't like to see my child crying, I know that while in the throws of a tantrum, it's ok to let him cry for a bit. But I also know when it's time to cuddle and love and talk through the feelings of the moment.

I’ve learnt how to play with cars, trains and planes and super hero figurines. I’ve learnt how to wrestle.

The most important thing I have learnt over the last 2 years though, is that the bond between a mother and her child runs deep, and is a forever bond. The love between Noah and I is pure and deep and beautiful. I cherish my son. I love everything about him. And I love adoption. I am so thankful for adoption, because God gave me Noah through it.

What lessons ha motherhood taught you?<


Life with a 2 year old…

Two years old. Wow! I was not prepared! Suddenly, my baby is not a baby anymore. Suddenly, my baby, who was still a little wobbly on his feet and speaking in a special kind of gibberish I wish I could have understood, was not so wobbly on his feet, and I was starting to understand what he was saying. Suddenly, he was climbing on bigger things, jumping off of higher things, running everywhere and tackling mom and dad, especially. Suddenly, my baby loves to wrestle and climb all over us. 

Suddenly, he is talking and saying words we didn’t even know he he knew. Suddenly a yummy meal is “eeee-licious”, a particularly good episode of Blaze and the Monster Machines warrants an “oh cool, amazing”, greeting someone includes a “how are you, I’m fine thank you”. How has he suddenly learnt all these big words? How has he learnt the right context to use these words? 

My baby is not a baby anymore. He is a little, toddler boy. He is brave and adventurous. He loves to rough and tumble. He loves to be dirty and playing outside. He loves to be active – running, riding bikes, swimming, jumping, climbing. He love his cars…oh how he loves his cars! He loves to read his books – sitting in his reading corner, on his special little chair, paging through his books. He is a proper little bookworm in the making! 

My little, toddler boy loves so deeply, so innocently. He loves Jesus, he loves to read his Bible, he loves to tell Jesus how much he loves Him. He loves the people around him, those close to him. He loves to say hello! He is affectionate – he cuddles and kisses mommy every chance he gets! I cherish those moments when he wants mommy, when he wants to cuddle, when he holds my face and says “kiss Mommy”, followed by a slew of wet, slobbery kisses! I cherish those moments when he falls asleep in my arms – I could stay in that moment forever! 

Two years old is an adventure – for Noah and mom and dad! Watching our baby boy become a toddler boy has been a privilege. It makes me excited to watch him become a bigger little boy, then a teenage boy, then a young man. But for now, I will enjoy each moment with my two year old. I will continue to make the most of the next 9 months that we have a two year old in our home. Because before we know it, we will have a three year old. What an adventure that will be! 

Baker-Baker and a birthday ring…

Friday 24 February 2017. Also known as the day the second birthday celebrations began! Noah was Baker-Baker, so we decided to have his birthday ring at the same time. 

We kept the Paw Patrol theme for his birthday ring as well. But a little more low-key than the party, because budget! So we made rice krispy treats in the shape of dog bones and a shield, ala Paw Patrol! Because this “baking” involved some electricity, I enlisted the help of my sister. And my lovely friend, Leigh, has a friend who makes cookie cutters, and she made me cutters in the shape of a dog bone and a shield. Bonus! 

The birthday ring was so cute. Noah and his class friends all sang some of his favourite songs. And they couldn’t wait to get stuck into the treats! Noah’s cousin, Emily-May joined us in the celebrations, and couldn’t stop showering her cousin with kisses! 

Noah started school when he was about 17 months old. It has been amazing to watch him grow and learn with his friends. Teacher Maria and Sthoko (teachers assistant) love each child in the Ducklings class so much. I’m fortunate enough to work at the school, in the office, and I love walking past the Ducklings classroom, seeing them singing and dancing, painting handprints and footprints, and generally just having the most fun! Thank you, Maria and Sthoko, for loving our little prince so much! He is so lucky to have you as his first teachers! 

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